Our product SilverMAXpen is meant for quick and efficient disinfection of drinking water. It is based on the principles developed by Prof. Dr. Alvaro Affonso in Germany and detailed in DE 102 11 722 and additional applications. We are the only official and authorized representatives of the above mentioned development and have miniaturized and optimized the entire electronics needed.

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SilverMAXpen is an ergonomically shaped, pen size device that uses one standard 6V battery as a power source. By simple immersion of SilverMAXpen into a 2dl glass of water, the electronic system is automatically switched on for just 75 seconds, releasing thereby silver ions with powerful disinfecting action.
We would like to emphasize that silver ions, generated in water by our purely electronic process of sterilization show high activity known scientifically as the Brownian movement of colloidal particles. Furthermore, as reported in world literature, silver ions are neither stored in human organs nor are they harmful to the human organism. This is also evidenced by the fact that silver ring bracelets and ornaments are being used in contact with the skin without any harm for large periods of time

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Silver Max pen can be used to free contaminated drinking water from a large number of harmful microbes. The drinking water treated by SiverMax pen, because of the minute concentration of Silver present, shows no taste and just a very small optical opalescence due to the colloidal Silver ions.

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We are very proud of experimental results obtained by leading institutes like the Zentrum der Hygiene, Institut fuer Hygiene und Umweltmedizin, director Prof. Dr. Med. R. Schubert, University of Frankfurt, Germany and Analytis GmbH, Germany. We have been issued official expertise certificates for our system of disinfection of contaminated drinking water.

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Cylindrical form L=127mm, d=17mm
Shiled made of hard plastic with silicate threads can take up to 300kg pressure.
Electrodes made of pure silver 99,99% Ag.

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