Corporate company „NB I.N.A.T. d.o.o." was founded in 1994 by Božidar Blagojević and from the very first days it has been working on the development of small arms. Since the year 2000 Blagojević Željko, a mechanical engineer, has been the owner and the company Director.

We received the official Act of the Ministry of defense that has issued us a licence for research, product development, technology and production development in the domain of small arms and its individual parts. Therefore, based on the development politics of the company we have received an official Certificate from the Ministry of defense - Material Resources Sector - MILITARY CONTROL OF QUALITY and Certificate for the system management of quality - SRPS ISO 9001:2008 and SORS 9000:2005 in April 2011.

NBInat Bozidar Blagiojevic Mihail Kalasnjikov web
Founder of NB Inat, Mr Bozidar Blagojevic with with his friend Mikhail Kalashnikov

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Phone: +381 61 179 38 22, SERBIA, Kragujevac, 2 Milice Miljojković St.

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