LTM BB for automatic shotguns is a miniature, persistent, easily seen laser target marker which enables quick and accurate aiming with automates and shotguns of calibres 7.62 and 223 Rem, by marking the target with a red laser spot.

LTM is a very effective device built in on weapons for precise and quick shooting, indoors, while twilight and obscure visibility at the terrain and especially by night if the target is seen. Its construction, as well as its effective scope of 300 m, make it ideal for attacker teams and special police, and military forces.

NBInat LTMBB Rifle1

LTM has specially been constructed to be tightly fixed to the chamber and the automate tube.

No special tools are needed for building in of the LTM. LTM may be retrified according to direction and hight. The battery may be changed easily by unwinding the flap on the laser itself. LTM is activated by a push button switch built in at the LTM housing itself which makes quick switching on and off possible. LTM is built in at the housing made of steel and all contacts are of stainless steel or gilded.

Besides the characteristics stated, LTM enables precise shooting for particular weapons upon the user's wish. It can always be removed from the weapon and be put in its wrapping or be installed to some other weapon of the same pattern.

Following the Instructions for use, every user may, with a little experience, built in LOC on his own weapon.

NBInat LTMBB Rifle2 NBInat LTMBB Rifle3

LTM BB : 1 - Laser marker

- Optical power - 5mW (Max)
- Spot divergence - 0.5mRad (tip)
- Wave length - 635nm
- Maximum scope - 600m

- Power source - 3V Lithium battery
- Electricity consumption - 60mA (tip)
- Uninterrupted work time - 5h

- Retrification ability - according to direction and high

- Laser housing - Hermatized of steel
- Weight - 160g
- Dimensions - 70x45x24mm


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