Laser device for aiming or laser collimator makes possible aiming at all types of weapons: mechanic, laser and optical sights.

NBInat LTMBB Visir1

Laser collimator has been constructed so that it gives a laser spot on the target from the tube axis with the help of the table and instructions which are given with the laser collimator, every user may, with a little
experience, accurately and with no shot bullet aim his weapon.

As the housing has been constructed with the unit which goes into the weapon tube and it is completely in the same axis with the tube axis, the laser collimator and the table for every caliber are to be ordered separately. Laser collimator housing is made of stainless steel and all contacts are of stainless steel or gilded.

NBInat LTMBB Visir2

- Optical strength 3mW (Max)
- Spot divergence 1mRad (tip)
- Wave length 635nm
- Spot size on 25m 1''
- Maximum scope 200m

- Power source 4,5v Battery
- Electricity consumption 30mA (tip)

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