The gun with its design and technical solutions is a modern gun with excellent performance in its class. We hope that will satisfy the tastes of most users and fans of firearms.

The gun is made of high quality materials that it provides the high reliability and long life.

The handle of the gun was prepared, forging, high quality aluminum alloy, which reduces the weight of the gun and retained high resistance.

Barrel of a gun is formed from a material that are specially developed for the production of pipes of firearms. Inner tube route is hard chrome plated and also has chrome and outer surface of the pipe c "style is achieved by high resistance to wear and corrosion resistance.

The cover is done in one monoblock otkovanog of high quality steel and is one of the secure element in the exploitation of the gun. All high dinamici burdened parts were done by RWR Poldi steel that is specially designed for dinamic strained parts (firing pin, trigger Osvin, and others).

By proper selection of quality materials and reliable design solutions applied achieved century guns over 30,000 rounds fired.



Technical characteristics Revolver BB25

cal. 22 Lr 

1. Dimensions:



180 mm


130 mm


35 mm

barrel length

98 mm

2.  Weight:


pistol weight without magazine

715 g

pistol weight with magazine

820 g

pistol weight with loaded magazine (15 rounds)

1000 g

3.  Technical characteristics:


trigger mechanism


trigger pull SA

2 da N

trigger pull DA

5,5 da N

trigger travel SA

5 mm

trigger travel DA

14 mm

trigger width


4. Functional characteristics:


locking system


slide release and hammer lowering one control lever  logic arrangement

sa jedne  ili sa obe strane pištoija/  from left or right pistol side

chambered round indicator


magazine release button

Sa obestrane/both sides

trigger distance from the rear grip part

73 mm

grip angle


the front to the rear sight distance

155 mm


tribeletačke ili tricijumske cevčice/ three white dots or tritium tubes

magazine capacity

15/18/20metaka /rounds

5. The pistol functioning range

-50 do 60°C

6. The pistol reliability

30.000 metaka/ rounds

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